#18 Patterns

I’ve been looking at a lot of patterns lately. For one, ikat’s seems to be popping up everywhere, even along my boring old bus route there is tile design plastered along the side of spanking new highway section. Then there are behavioral patterns I have been observing; trying to figure some people out. Those who puzzle me. Even they have patterns.

Last Monday there were patterns of light; illuminating everything at the Light & Building fair in Frankfurt. On Tuesday; I had musical patterns to consider at the VPRO filming of the television program Vrije Geluiden or Free Sounds. Especially thanks to the slightly obsessive guitar player at my side. “Did you hear that chord? Did you hear how he repeated it twice, but just at different speeds? Did you? Did you?”

I’ve come to think our world is a quilt patchwork made up of different patterns, creating a wholly new one in turn.

This picture is a good example of that. It was taken at a run down market in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The building was created to suit the needs of different and distinct people who each have their own routine to live by. Each one of their windows fits into a patchwork, visible only when viewed from a large enough distance.

I am not sure it’s art. But I suppose that only depends on how you look at it. The ability to sense, or perceive, to be aware of patterns around you, makes the world a more interesting, and even more beautiful place, even when looking at run-down buildings.

Sir Herbert Edward Read, English poet and critic said;

“Art is pattern informed by sensibility.”

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