# 12 Carrrrrrrrnaval

Just throwing in a little inspiration this blog-time around.

It’s February. In Curaçao, that means one thing and one thing only.


First there is the issue of costumes that need to be sewed, fitted, decorated; then there is the Tumba to be determined so as to put it on repeat – to have something to sashay all those feathers and sequins to; then there are jump-up’s, jump-in’s, teener parade, children’s parade, grown up parade, horse show, the burning of the momo.

It’s all a bit excessive and sometimes I wonder where a struggling economy musters up the time and money needed for such indulgence. But it’s fun and it’s important to those who participate – and I might just be of the mindset that a good party is always a good thing.

It’s also cute kids, dressed up and ready to show off. I feel sorry for them sometimes – mile long walks in sweltering heat dressed as dehydrated strawberries or sweaty domino stones. But then, last year, I snapped this little girl. She’s just so proud to take part in all the shenanigans – in a chicken costume. The outfits, colors, creativity, pride and the hard work that goes into Carnaval preparations – these are a few of my favorite things. (Sorry. I just got back from Salzburg)

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One thought on “# 12 Carrrrrrrrnaval

  1. caroline de waard on said:

    i bet you miss the ambiente no?

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